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Use the energy of the new year to put your ideas into action. Part 2 of this series focuses on the importance of engaging others in your vision of your success.

If you reach for the stars you may just land on the moon. Yee-ha! Bring it ON…..

Unspoken conflict is like poison for your business – it turns away potential customers and erodes employee morale. Consider the consequences and take action!

Empowerment may have been intellectually supported by managers for the last 20 years – but if it’s such a great idea why is it so hard to actually achieve? Professor Srikanth Datar from Harvard Business School shed some light on the topic in Perth recently.

“Open Space Technology” has been around for 20 years. However I have only recently discovered the benefits for teams in terms of facilitating engagement towards a common goal or solving “wicked” problems.

Letting go of the desire to control and embracing the power of the system is like surfing a huge wave – purpose and passion are vital elements. Leaders who can embrace the chaos of the day-to-day challenges any organisation faces will discover the unharnassed power within the team – just waiting to be given permission to surface.

Can you handle the truth about your personal leadership score? How many of your employees are so engaged in your vision that they would willingly follow you, even into uncertainty? Find out more…

The first of six principles of Centred Leadership, as proposed by Barsh and Cranston. Positive framing includes self-awareness, learned optimism and moving on as key skills of centred leaders.

Changing a negative corporate culture is like turning around an ocean liner – it takes a lot of energy, commitment, a good navigation team and it doesn’t happen quickly. Yet the ultimate success is determined by the focus and persistence of the captain and first officers.

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