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Use the energy of the new year to put your ideas into action. Part 2 of this series focuses on the importance of engaging others in your vision of your success.

If you reach for the stars you may just land on the moon. Yee-ha! Bring it ON…..

Use the energy of the new year to put your ideas into action. Part 1 of this series guides you through goal setting and action planning.

“Open Space Technology” has been around for 20 years. However I have only recently discovered the benefits for teams in terms of facilitating engagement towards a common goal or solving “wicked” problems.

How are you progressing towards those New Year’s Resolutions, or even the goals you set on 1 July last year? It’s a great time to take stock and refocus, if necessary!

The concept of “fail fast forward” is not a new one, but certainly worth a second look if you’re stuck and wanting to make things change.

Check out the February Australian Women’s Menotring Event in Perth – Natalie is the keynote speaker. Mark your diaries for Tuesday 15 Feb 2011.

Are you living your life on purpose, paying attention to the things that fulfil you and move you closer to your goals and dreams? Switch off the autopilot and get focussed.

This low-budget email-based coaching program was originally designed to support clients in achieving their goals in the last 50 days of a calendar year, this program has benefit at any time of year if you have a big goal or goals that you’ve been wanting to achieve but feel that you need some support to really make them happen.

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