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Unspoken conflict is like poison for your business – it turns away potential customers and erodes employee morale. Consider the consequences and take action!

Empowerment may have been intellectually supported by managers for the last 20 years – but if it’s such a great idea why is it so hard to actually achieve? Professor Srikanth Datar from Harvard Business School shed some light on the topic in Perth recently.

If you’ve ever wondered what you can to to influence the mindset of a CEO towards change, perhaps my recent experience will be of some assistance…..

Changing a negative corporate culture is like turning around an ocean liner – it takes a lot of energy, commitment, a good navigation team and it doesn’t happen quickly. Yet the ultimate success is determined by the focus and persistence of the captain and first officers.

If people are an organisation’s best asset, then you want to recruit the best people. Yet many leaders don’t know where to start or limit their team’s potential by recruiting “safe” people they can manage, rather than A+ players who will love the challenge of moving the whole team forward. This article contains 7 ideas for hiring a scarily successful team.

Have you ever wondered in frustration what the magic bullet is that will bond your employees to their work? Tried incentive schemes and team building activitie sto no avail? It might be time to have a critical look at your leaders….

Build a corporate culture that correlates to the level of performance you want your company to achieve. Research shows that a strong culture statistiaclly indicates that the company will be financially strong. Read about the four traits of strong corporate culture.

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