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Take a few minutes to ask yourself some hard-hitting questions about the goals and health of your organisation. Let’s make 2013 the year that makes fundamental changes to you and your team.

Empowerment may have been intellectually supported by managers for the last 20 years – but if it’s such a great idea why is it so hard to actually achieve? Professor Srikanth Datar from Harvard Business School shed some light on the topic in Perth recently.

“Open Space Technology” has been around for 20 years. However I have only recently discovered the benefits for teams in terms of facilitating engagement towards a common goal or solving “wicked” problems.

The first of six principles of Centred Leadership, as proposed by Barsh and Cranston. Positive framing includes self-awareness, learned optimism and moving on as key skills of centred leaders.

If people are an organisation’s best asset, then you want to recruit the best people. Yet many leaders don’t know where to start or limit their team’s potential by recruiting “safe” people they can manage, rather than A+ players who will love the challenge of moving the whole team forward. This article contains 7 ideas for hiring a scarily successful team.

For decades researchers have been asking the question – are leaders born or made? Let’s see what they have discovered.

  Happy New Year to everyone!  2011 is purported to be a year of new blessings and new beginnings and this is certainly the case for me.  A new website, new Financial Leadership Coaching program just launched, and a new BIG product under development right now!  It’s all very exciting and with so much activity…

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