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Strategic Planning

From a strategic planning session run with a division of WA Police: Thank you once again for your very professional facilitation at our strategic planning workshop last week at the Academy. You did a great job!!  Your contribution is very much appreciated.

Leadership Coaching

From Heidi in WA: My employer nominated me for one of the Women in Resources Awards in 2013 (Young Professional Woman) and again in 2014. The 2013 submission was done long before your coaching and I basically didn’t make the shortlist at the time. I remember my managers saying that they thought I was dwelling on my past career too much, in terms of writing down my achievements. Anyway, fast forward to the middle of 2013 when you were coaching me. We discussed so many things, including how to brand myself, what my vision was and how to leverage off and sell my past experience and make people appreciate it for what it was. Initially, short of attempting to re-writing my bio, I didn’t really have a clue how I was going to turn it into something tangible in practice. But for the 2014 nominations process where I had to write a big spiel about myself, I kept all of those things in mind. I refused to play down the past despite what my managers had said, but tried to make it relevant to the present. I also tried to sell my vision a bit more, since I finally worked out what it was. And what do you know, it must have worked, because I am a finalist for 2014.   I am humbled and grateful to have made it further than last year, because it shows growth! Reflecting back on this whole thing, I now have the opportunity to demonstrate a tangible outcome out of my learning in the last year. I have re-read my 2014 submission and there are many subtle but deliberate changes that I think differentiate it from the 2013 one. So, I just wanted to let you know that your work with me has clearly had an impact – thank you for that! From Jenny in W.A.: I met Nat through my husband David Cattach, Financial Planner & Director of Bluegrass Wealth Management P/L.  David spoke to me about the work Nat was doing in his business – and what impressed me most was that her work was practical, it addressed the issues and she got results within a very short period of time. I got interested and met Nat over a coffee – needless to say we gelled immediately and decided we’d work together to prepare me for a return to work after an extended career break. Nat has helped me get back in to the right frame of mind for my return to work – and this was important to me given the changed work environment.  Initially we decided on a program of coaching and I had a vision of where I wanted to be at the end of 3 months.  At the end of the program I achieved everything I set out to and more! Nat far exceeded my expectations. Working with Nat has helped me regain my confidence and in such a short period of time.  She has provided me with the skills to help me deal with the day to day – something I’ve not been able to obtain through any training or development from my employer. Nat has helped me both personally and professionally. She has the ability to make you accountable and want to move forward all within a short period of time.  I would highly recommend Nat as your strategic leadership coach. From Janine in W.A.:  Natalie’s coaching has changed my life! With her warm charismatic personality she used some very powerful techniques to help me release some blockages in my life that were really holding me back from reaching important goals that I had set. Within 2 coaching sessions with Natalie I had reached a goal I had been putting off for 18 months. Natalie helped me face some of my fears and empowered me to move ahead both on a personal and career level. Thanks you so much. From Mark in Victoria: I recommend Natalie’s services to anyone who feels like they need to unlock something powerful in their life. Natalie, in me you have a raving fan. From Louise in W.A.:  Hi Natalie, I thought you might be interested to know that I finally took action on what we discussed in our last coaching session. I have resigned from my job and started a business that combines my administrative skills with my passion for real estate and interiors.  Thanks for your past assistance.


From Brian in W.A., a Ka-Pow! group participant:I just wanted to say that being a participant in your Ka-Pow group was awesome.  It helped me achieve my goal of getting my website “online”.  Something that I’ve been procrastinating about for ages.  Being a part of the group and being held accountable for the goals I set myself each week made it happen.  The advice and guidance provided was priceless.


From a planning session run with a division of WA Police: Natalie was a former colleague and someone I immediately clicked with.  Recently I saw Natalie in a different light, as a powerful, effective and dynamic facilitator at a planning day I attended.  Her ability to encourage every single person to participate and “own” their role in the day was impressive and was invaluable in assisting us with our re-structure.  I really felt she cared and was committed to assisting us through transition and into the future.  Her preparation and consultation before the event and follow up afterwards were also greatly appreciated. From a program planning session run with a local authority: I thought today’s planning session was ‘spot on’ in encouraging our employees to think outside the box in terms of what the program might look like in the future.  Really great to see the enthusiasm and great ideas.  Nat you were brilliant in your facilitation, very engaging. From a business-to-business client, Active Management: Natalie was a presenter in our national road show called FitnessBiz where she spoke on goal setting for results. Natalie is full of energy that raised the audience to a new level – she was outstanding. I highly recommend Natalie for working with individuals or teams to help with not just goal setting but helping them achieve their potential. She will push fresh air through you and your organisation! From a session run at WA Police for participants in the mentoring program:  Natalie’s session was great for understanding how to manage different personalities and understand them, it educated me on how to deal with problems in workplace and how to improve. Natalie was inspiring with her wisdom. I learned more about myself, values and mannerisms.