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Using the M.O.S.T. Analysis can help your organisation achieve goals Incredible People Pty Ltd specialises in supporting teams, at organisational or workgroup level, with their strategic and business planning process. One of the key tools used in exploring organisational strategy and strategic planning is the M.O.S.T. Analysis. This superior strategic planning tool helps to clarify your:

  • Mission (or Vision):            where the organisation intends to go
  • Objectives:                               the key goals which will help to achieve this
  • Strategies:                                analyse what options there are for proceeding forward
  • Tactics:                                       how these strategies are going to be put into action

The key is for this whole process to hang together from top to bottom and also in reverse.  From the top, clarifying the mission drives the objectives and creates strategic options, which then forces tactical actions to be taken.  From the bottom, every action at tactical level should help to make the strategies work.  All strategies should help to achieve the objectives, and all the objectives should take the organisation towards the mission. Organisation fall into many traps by attempting to tackle strategy internally, these are just a few:

  • Getting distracted from moving the organisation forward by day-to-day actions or demands from customers, suppliers and competitors;
  • Failing to clarify where it wants to get to and in what timescale.
  • Omitting to get Board and management agreement to this mission;
  • Not clarifying the key objectives that need to be reached (and in what timescale) for the mission to be successful
  • Not getting external and objective assistance in analysing the strategic options available to satisfy the key objectives;
  • Missing out the strategy stage altogether by going straight from objectives to tactics, which leads to a lot of “dead ends”;
  • Not ensuring that everything done at tactical level is directly contributing to the success of the strategies;
  • Failing to properly define timescales, responsibilities, monitoring and control procedures to ensure that implementation moves forward at the necessary speed.

Using external facilitators for strategic planning helps organisations avoid these traps and keeps the team moving forward with a sense of urgency and in a clear direction which “hangs together” from Director to shop floor /front line level. The M.O.S.T. Analysis is designed to maximise employee engagement in developing the approved strategy and allows the employees to design the tactics they need to use personally and at team level in order to ensure that they are “doing their bit” towards the success of the organisation. We tailor a planning process to suit, and can assist in planning sessions  be it a one hour mini-session, a two day workshop or a full planning process  over several weeks. We offer a range of planning and workshop techniques including brainstorming,  mind-mapping, SWOT and environmental analysis, risk assessment, open space, nominal group technique and others. If you would like to know more about our strategic planning support services contact Natalie today on 0417 916 415 or email us.

  1. April 6, 2015

    I’m impressed with your approach to strategic planning. I would like to know more about it. Is there any documentation that I could go through? Thank you.

  2. August 5, 2015

    The explanation of the Strategic planning is great and straight to the point.

  3. August 18, 2015

    pls , I would like to know more about strategic planning . Thank you .

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