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They say that 80% of resolutions are broken within a month.  Bah humbug!  That’s just negative talk that serves no-one. You see, I know plenty of leaders in all types of business, industry and government who achieve their goals all the time.  Perhaps not in the timeframe they planned or in the way they originally intended.  But hit those goals none-the-less. Yet often when I speak to those leaders about their desires when they got started or their vision for the future I hear whimsical yearnings or statements without any true belief that these dreams can be achieved.  There’s not the money, time, right people, whatever….. to make it happen.

Well, enough!  If you have a dream, then I believe you can succeed.  If it’s good enough for Martin Luther King Jnr then why can’t it be good enough for you?  And as they say, if you shoot for the stars you may land on the moon.  And that would be a good thing, surely.  At least you’re on your way and not stuck in never-never land. Let’s face it, if Sir Richard Branson has his sights on the moon, at least you will be in good company.

I love working with people with drive and vision who want to achieve big goals.  If that’s you please get in touch.  I’m always up for a chat about how you have achieved success and what big goals you have for your business. And if you’re after accountability, then consider the Incredible People suite of coaching packages for leaders and professionals.

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