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How does greater wealth, health and happiness sound to you?

Originally designed to support clients in achieving their goals in the last 50 days of a calendar year, this program has benefit at any time of year if you have a big goal or goals that you’ve been wanting to achieve but feel that you need some support to really make them happen.

Say the word, and give me the next 50 days and I’ll turn you into an unstoppable powerhouse!  It’s going to be a wild ride, and I’ll be IN YOUR FACE every step of the way for 50 straight days until I help you achieve every goal you want to achieve!  I’ll teach you about commitment and absolute accountability. I’ll prove to you that you can deliver results that are in a word—astounding.

There’s no more mucking around… no more stalling, delaying, or “starting on Monday”.  Here at Incredible People, we’re going to push, and poke, and prod you onward and upward every single day for 50 days. 

When you register for The 50-Day STRONG FINISH Challenge…

  • I’ll PUSH you forward with your own Massive Attack Plan.
  • I’ll POKE you along with a personal 30 minute coaching call to really install your desired outcome into your future timestream
  • I’ll PROD you into action with regular “Strategy and Accountability” email messages throughout the 50 day period… specific action-oriented tips to help you stay motivated and on-course to achieving your goals.

Sure, it’s easy to talk big with grand “resolutions” at the start of the year.  But with your permission, I’m going to be ON YOUR CASE to make sure you don’t start slacking off next week … or even throwing in the towel on your goals and dreams.

With the minimal up-front investment of only $250, you CAN achieve those elusive goals you have set – regardless of the position you are in right now.  To enrol, simply go to the “Contact Us” page and send us your details.

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