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2013At this time we wish each other Happy New Year, and I’ll join with that tradition.  It’s time to celebrate the successes of the past year and begin to think about the year ahead – what we plan to achieve, what bad habits we will break, what new skills or knowledge we would like to acquire. It’s human nature after all to want live our truth, actualise our potential, inspire others and live an inspired life. And this is, what I wish for each one of you for the New Year 2013.

Although some people may find it odd for me, a leadership coach, to say this I think it’s time I made a confession.  I stopped making New Year’s resolutions years ago.  Yep, there!  It’s true.  I stopped because I’d usually only tell myself what they were, or sometimes share them with a friend, and we’d both forget what these wondrous goals were before the end of January.  Sometimes they’d pop into my head at odd times throughout the year – “I’ve been thinking of/talking about/planning to/wanting to…….”  And then my internal critic used to start up  – sound familiar?

But don’t worry; my life hasn’t stalled to a complete halt.  Since I stopped making resolutions I haven’t stopped growing, learning and achieving – quite the opposite!  You see, I finally realised that resolutions are really just hot air and amount to nothing if there’s not an action plan to go with them. Now when I think of something I want to achieve in my business or in my life, I immediately think “What’s the first thing I need to do to start on this?” and do it!  I don’t wait until January 1 each year.  Typically, I’ve found that by just taking the first step towards my goal, I set in motion a whole path of events that will lead me to where I want to go.  The universe is amazing like that…..

Here are some common resolutions, or things people want to achieve in their lives:


But, remember for all these wishes to happen, 2 things have to take place :

  1. Something NEW has to happen in your life, or
  2. Something NEW has to come out of you.

So this year you have my 100% support in refusing to set New Year’s resolutions.  Use the time away from the busi-ness of work to dream about what you want to be, do or have this year. And then make the first step to get them started (or put it in your calendar immediately so that you do it when you get back from holidays).  I’m sure you’ll find that 2013 will be much more fulfilling because of it.

Wishing you every success for the New Year.

Warm regards,



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