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“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the type of world you want”.  Anna Lappe

I was recently reading a Forbes magazine article about the world’s youngest millionaires ( and noticed a comment by a reader at the end of the article that essentially questions the “Godliness” of these young rich people – quoting from the Bible that that they may have gained the world but list their soul.   The Forbes article states, however,  that the young billionaires are mostly living a pretty frugal live and are very actively donating charity – so it doesn’t sound as though they’ve lost their souls on the journey to wealth. 

So many people believe somehow that having financial wealth is wrong, dirty, selfish…. the list goes on.  They are fearful of being wealthy, or feel unworthy of it.  And it’s pretty obvious that  this type of belief isn’t condusive to creating an abundant bank account.  Yet most people I know would love to be able to give more money to charity, or have the time to volunteer their time and skills to a cause they believe in.  Let’s face it, money can’t save the environment, cure health issues or psychological problems, but wealthy people have better access to options for solving life’s problems and the means to assist others.

Money isn’t the cure, however as Richard Templar says in The Rules of Wealth“Money will not make you happier, thinner or more popular with decent people. Money does not deliver lasting, meaningful peace of mind. It is the oil that smoothes the wheels. It isn’t the engine.”

If you’re carrying around negative beliefs about wealth, the perhaps it’s time to retune your mental engine and open your mind subconscious to the possibilities that are all around you to support your journey to wealth.  Just imagine how much good you could do!

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