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The concept of “fail fast forward” is not a new one, but certainly worth a second look if you’re stuck and wanting to make things change.

The first of six principles of Centred Leadership, as proposed by Barsh and Cranston. Positive framing includes self-awareness, learned optimism and moving on as key skills of centred leaders.

Some people believe that wealth makes you selfish, snobby, materialistic… the list goes on. Yet most of the world’s richest people live relatively frugal lives and give huge donations to their personal causes. What are YOUR beliefs about money?

The kids are back at school – what are you doing to upgrade your knowledge and abilities?

If people are an organisation’s best asset, then you want to recruit the best people. Yet many leaders don’t know where to start or limit their team’s potential by recruiting “safe” people they can manage, rather than A+ players who will love the challenge of moving the whole team forward. This article contains 7 ideas for hiring a scarily successful team.

For decades researchers have been asking the question – are leaders born or made? Let’s see what they have discovered.

Are you living your life on purpose, paying attention to the things that fulfil you and move you closer to your goals and dreams? Switch off the autopilot and get focussed.

Have you ever wondered in frustration what the magic bullet is that will bond your employees to their work? Tried incentive schemes and team building activitie sto no avail? It might be time to have a critical look at your leaders….

Your ideas about what the average millionaire looks like are quite probably wrong – many people are surprised to discover that they’re not flashy in their spending and don’t tend to stand out. I’ve listed the common characteristics of millionaires – how many do you have?

This low-budget email-based coaching program was originally designed to support clients in achieving their goals in the last 50 days of a calendar year, this program has benefit at any time of year if you have a big goal or goals that you’ve been wanting to achieve but feel that you need some support to really make them happen.

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