Ka-POW! Key Accountability Pow-wow Group


Join the next Ka-Pow! group to get your goals achieved and gain new motivation, commitment and massive action.

Join a motivated group of 5 – 8 individuals and a Results Coach, meeting weekly for 6 weeks, and watch your ideas come to life!  Ka-Pow! Groups fit into your busy lifestyle – just one hour a week on the phone or Google+.

Purchase your place now – new groups starting soon.


Ka-Pow! is a virtual accountability and mastermind program that aims to give you the insight, clarity and motivation you may be lacking, to harness your ideas into tangible, achievable goals.

Ka-Pow! is  an online / phone mastermind and accountability group made up of 5 – 8 motivated individuals who, with the guidance of an accredited Results Coach, support each other to create and implement goals, as well as brainstorm new ideas.  Ka-Pow! participants act as supportive colleagues for one another, as well as catalysts for growth.

You’ll gain tremendous insights, which can improve your business and personal life. This will enable you to get motivated and focused and get things moving like never before!

Your commitment:

  • One hour conference call at a regular time each week for 6 weeks.
  • Bring a clear goal that you want to achieve or problem that you want to breakthrough.
  • Be willing to share of your honest opinion and experience with others, with their success in mind.
  • Up-front payment of $199 incl GST (this may be tax deductable).

The fine print:

  • As this is a group intervention, missed sessions cannot be made up. If you are having difficulty attending the sessions, please contact your Results Coach, who will consider:
    • whether the group can change their regular meeting times to accommodate your changed circumstances, or
    • whether a refund may be applicable (note, after 3 completed sessions, the refund option does not apply).